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Chilly evenings and gentle snowfalls are here. It’s the perfect setting for enjoying your outdoor hot tub. It’s also an ideal time for a refresher on hot tub maintenance tips so you can look after your investment and fully enjoy its benefits.

Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your hot tub all winter long:

1. Freshen Your Water

We recommend changing the water in your hot tub to freshen it up for the season. Before you begin draining the tub, clean out the plumbing to eliminate any organic waste accumulation and biofilm.

The process to do this is simple:

  • Remove the cartridge filter elements with the temperature at 95 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and add 750ml of Dazzle Drain Prep.
  • Run the jets for 5 minutes and then leave the hot tub to circulate overnight with the jets off.
  • The following day, drain the hot tub completely, rinse and refill. Be sure to replace the filters after they have been removed and cleaned.

2. Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

  • Always wear rubber gloves when handling your filter cartridge.
  • We recommend having 2 filter cartridges, so you have one to use as a backup in between cleanings.
  • Allow the filter cartridge to dry completely after cleaning to improve its effectiveness.
  • Rinsing your filter with hot tub water, a garden hose, or under a tap is sufficient – don’t use a high-pressure washer.
  • Rinse the filter cartridge with water weekly for proper function and maintenance.

3. Clean Your Hot Tub

We recommend cleaning your hot tub on a monthly basis, depending on use.

  1. Prepare a solution of Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse and hot water in a clean plastic pail or laundry tub.
    For lightly used hot tubs – use 200 mL of Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse for a minimum of 6 hours
    -For moderately used hot tubs – use 300 mL of Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse for a minimum of 6 hours
    -For heavily used hot tubs – use 400 mL of Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse for a minimum 12 hours
  2. Remove the filter cartridge from the filter housing in your hot tub and rinse with a garden hose to remove any physical debris.
  3. Submerge the filter cartridge in the cleaning solution and allow it to soak for 6 – 12 hours.
  4. Once soaking is complete, remove the filter cartridge from the solution and rinse well with clean water. Do not use a high-pressure washer.
  5. Allow the filter cartridge to stand until dry before putting back it back to use.
  6. Once cleaning is complete, the used cleaning solution can be safely disposed of by pouring down the drain.

 About Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse:

  • Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse is an environmentally-friendly filter cleaning product. It’s a non-toxic, readily biodegradable formula.
  • It cleans filter cartridges of common grease, oil, scale, and metal deposits.
  • Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse not only cleans cartridges effectively but it also digests the waste, leaving a clean solution to dispose of. No further cleaning of your laundry tub, pail, or filter cleaning container is required.

After you’ve completed the steps above and your hot tub is clean, filled, and ready to go, remember that water chemistry is very important.

Bring in a water sample to Cannonball Pools for a free test to ensure your water is properly balanced.

If you aren’t sure what chemicals you’ve got at home, take a picture of them and we’ll ensure you pick up everything you need while you’re here. We highly recommend using an all-in-one system called Mineraluxe, which eliminates the need to purchase multiple chemicals.

If you have any questions about hot tub maintenance please feel free to call, email, or pop into Cannonball Pools, we’re always happy to help.

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