Swimming Pool FAQs

1. What do you do for your pool opening service?

A pool opening consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Draining and cleaning off the pool cover
  • Folding the safety cover, water bag cover, or lock in cover
  • Setting up the pool equipment and ensuring they run properly
  • Applying the proper beginning of season clean up chemicals for the pool

May pools have their unique situations and set ups. The staff at Cannonball Pools is trained and knowledgeable to open any pool, no matter what equipment and set up it may have.

2. What do you do for your pool closing?

A pool closing consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Draining the pool to proper levels
  • Making sure all suction and return lines underground or above are drained and winterized properly
  • Winterizing all pool equipment including: pump, filter, heater, salt generator, UV sanitizer, or whatever else may be hooked up to the plumbing of your pool
  • Apply the proper winterizing chemicals for the style and size of the pool
  • Put on the winter cover that the customer provides

Please note that a water test should be done by the staff at Cannonball Pools a few days before the closing in order to have proper winter pool balancing

3. What do you do for spa services?
  • Free in store pool water testing.
  • Troubleshooting and repair
4. Do you open or close salt water pools?

Yes, we open and close salt water pools, as well as treat the pool water chemistry with our specially formatted Pristiva Salt Pool chemicals

5. How long does it take to open and close a pool?

The length of time to open or close a pool depends on the pool that is being opened or closed.

6. When should you close your pool?

Pool closings normally start around the first week of September and go until the end of October. It is recommended that customers with a safety cover close their pool towards the 2nd week of October or afterwards. Sunlight can go through Safety covers so closing late and opening early will reduce the chance of the water going green.

7. When should you open your pool?

Pool openings can be done as soon as the pool thaws from the winter. They normally start from around the end of April and go until the beginning of June.

8. What other services do you provide for swimming pools and spa?

We provide free water testing at the store location, pool equipment installation and repairs, liner installations, safety cover installations, leak detection, and the retail of pool equipment, service items, chemicals, and pool toys.

10. Can I get pool liners and pool safety covers for custom-shaped pools?

Yes, all in-ground liners and safety covers are custom made and measured to fit any shape and size of pool.

11. Should I treat the pool with chemicals before closing it?

It is recommended to have a water test a few days before closing to ensure proper balancing for the winter. Improper water chemistry can cause damage over the long winter.

12. Do you provide swimming pool water testing?

Yes, we provide free water test in the store. All we would require is about ½ liter of water, the size of the pool, and the type of sanitizer being used.

13. What type of pool maintenance services do you provide?

We offer a weekly pool maintenance service that involves everything from pool cleaning and equipment maintenance, to water chemistry.

14. Are you insured?

Yes, we are properly insured for the services that we offer.

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