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Pool Maintenance

Cannonball Pools is a leading name for swimming pool maintenance services in Milton, Ontario, having been voted number one in the Milton Choice Awards for the past four years. The team of experts at Cannonball Pools is known for providing quality swimming pool maintenance services in Halton Region.

Pool Care and Maintenance Plans

With our convenient plans, you are sure to find something that fits into your budget while keeping your pool in top shape. Regardless of the size of your pool, our trained staff will provide quick and effective pool maintenance services and ensure that you are satisfied with the job. Some of the benefits of choosing Cannonball Pools for swimming pool maintenance are:

  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible maintenance packages
  • Flexible working hours, including weekends
  • On-time appointment arrival

Stay cool in your pool and let us handle the upkeep and maintenance part. Call Cannonball Pools today to schedule an appointment.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Service

If you’re a pool owner, you doubtlessly know the importance of weekly pool maintenance. But what if you’re planning to go away for a week? At Cannonball Pools, we also realize the importance of regular swimming pool upkeep — that’s why we offer weekly pool maintenance. Our team of experts will make sure that your pool is cleaned of any and all debris and that all your equipment is in good working order while you’re away.

We all know the old cliché about how something in your home always breaks down when you’re away on vacation. With our weekly pool maintenance, we’ll ensure that any possible issues with your pool filtration equipment is caught and repaired before it becomes an issue. You’ll come home to a clean pool with everything in perfect working order.

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Service

Saltwater pools are a popular choice for the environmentally conscious who want to enjoy a swimming pool without using harmful chemicals. Saltwater pool maintenance involves adding salt directly to the water so it passes directly through the electrolytic chlorine generator that contains a salt tablet, eliminating the need for chemicals that can potentially harm the planet.

Saltwater swimming pool maintenance still requires the same level of care as traditional pools. The generator in a saltwater pool still extracts chlorine from the salt, so salt water pool maintenance should be done by experts, unless you have experience. At Cannonball Pools, we provide saltwater pool maintenance. As one of the top providers of pool maintenance and repair in Halton Region and the surrounding areas, we have years of experience and have been at the forefront of every new development in swimming pool technology, including saltwater pools.

Proper saltwater pool maintenance has many advantages. For example, owners of these pools report that the water is more buoyant, feels smoother on their skin, and makes swimming far easier. Also, if anyone in your family suffers from chemical allergies, a salt water pool is one option you may want to consider. And best of all, saltwater swimming pool maintenance is far easier and less expensive than a traditional pool.

Take the stress out of planning your next vacation and call Cannonball Pools for weekly pool maintenance in Halton Region and the surrounding areas.

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