Why is Pool Water Testing Required?
Why is Pool Water Testing Required?
Swimming pool water testing is required for two reasons: to ensure that it is safe for your family to swim in and to ensure that your swimming pool will last a lifetime. Our team of experts will provide you with regular swimming pool water testing to ensure that your water is at the optimal level, allowing you and your family to swim safely and comfortably. Regular swimming pool water testing also ensures that your filtration system will continue to run properly. Since having this replaced can be costly, that's another reason we recommend testing your swimming pool’s water at least once a week. At Cannonball Pools, we provide swimming pool water testing that works with your busy schedule.

Pool Water Testing

Pool water testing is an important part of owning a pool. Too much chlorine and you won’t be able to swim in it, too little and you run the risk of algae and other microorganisms developing—not something you want for your family or your pocketbook, since this will require an expensive cleaning. As part of our services for pool owners in Milton and the surrounding areas, Cannonball Pools offers pool water testing services.

Our team of experts will determine which type of chlorine you use and tell you the proper amount to apply, as well as the best kinds. We also offer regular pool water testing in Halton Region at an affordable price. In addition, we will also make sure that your circulation system is running properly, since this is an essential part of keeping a proper balance of chlorine in your water.

Unless you have experience in pool water testing, leave it up to the professionals. Our experts in maintaining proper pool water chemistry will give you tips and pointers on top of our affordable prices for testing water.

You’ve worked hard for you pool and for your home. Now it’s time to enjoy your backyard, with clean pool water that won’t bleach your daughter’s hair the day before prom, or irritate your son and all his pal’s eyes when they jump in. Let Cannonball Pools test the water for you — contact us for more information or to book our services today!

The Basics of Pool Water Testing

When it comes to pool water chemistry, there are five things that you need to know about for proper pool water testing:

  • Free chlorine
  • Acidity/alkalinity of the water
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium hardness
  • Cyanuric acid

If this sounds like a lot to take in, don’t worry; let our team of experts at pool water testing for swimming pools in Halton Region take care of properly maintaining your pool’s water chemistry. We use only the best and most thorough procedures for pool water testing, having developed our technique over the years as the top provider of pool water chemistry tests for swimming pools in the area.

Salt Pool Chemistry & Treatment Services

Protect your salt water swimming pool and equipment with the assistance of trained salt pool specialists at Cannonball Pools. Our expert team is trained on maintaining the appropriate swimming pool water chemistry, which is essential for the safety of the pool and swimmers.

We provide effective swimming pool water treatment to our clients at an affordable cost. The benefits of our Pristiva Salt Pool System include:

  • High-quality products designed specifically for maintaining salt pools
  • Unmatched protection of salt cells, pool finishes, and equipment against stains, scale, and corrosion
  • Crystal clear, comfortable, and algae-free water
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

Allow the salt pool specialists at Cannonball Pools to provide effective swimming pool water treatment and enhance the value of your property. Bring a water test to our store at any time during store hours for free water testing, with no appointment necessary, or call Cannonball Pools today to schedule an initial consultation or request an estimate.

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