Tips & Advice for Your Pool

A Few Tips and a Little Advice Go a Long Way!

  • Test Pool Water for Proper Sanitizer Level
  • Adjust pH and Alkalinity Levels – Balancers can help maintain the proper pH and alkalinity levels necessary in a pool. This will get rid of cloudy or irritating water and save expensive equipment.
  • Sanitize – Adding a sanitizer through pucks, salt water, or a number of other options, kills bacteria and algae.
  • Check Skimmer Basket – Clear debris from skimmer basket to help keep pool water circulating and fresh. DON’T bang the basket on the deck, scoop out the leaves. Banging the basket on the deck is the number one reason for having to buy a new skimmer basket.

Weekly Pool Care

    • Shock Pool Water Weekly – Shock treatments are necessary to destroy combined chlorine compounds. Shocks sanitize pool water and quickly raise the chlorine level.
    • Add Algaecide – Add a weekly dosage of algaecide to prevent and control algae. Good algaecide should kill algae without damaging or staining your pool.


As Needed Pool Care

    • Vacuum Pool
    • Leaf Skim
    • Brush Walls
    • Check Filter/Backwash – Backwashing is only necessary if your pressure gauge goes up 5psi to 8psi from your starting point. Check the gauge after a backwash, that number is your new staring point. Backwash for 4 minutes by your watch or timer, turn off pump, turn to rinse, turn on pump and rinse for 30 seconds, turn off pump, and finally turn to filter. Always turn off your pump before changing the settings on your sand filter.

Why Change to a Salt Water Pool?

The Benefits of Salt Water Pools:

  • Water feels softer with the salinity closer to the salinity of your skin
  • No messing around with chlorine tablets or having to pour a liquid sanitizer in every day
  • It saves you time
  • Creates great looking water


Things You Must Know About Salt Water Pools:

You still need to keep water chemistry in balance. Unbalance salt water can be corrosive. You are still using chlorine if you are on salt water system. Salt generators produce chlorine from salt instead of you directly adding it to the pool.

Salt + Water + Electricity produces Hypochloric Acid and Hypochloric ions + Sodium Hydroxide. This, in not so many words, means you are producing chlorine in the pool.

Other Pool & Spa Sanitizing Options:

UV Sanitizers:

This is a reliable disinfection that eliminates biological growth. You still need to add chlorine or bromine but significantly less.

Benefits to UV Sanitizers:

  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • No skin or eye irritation
  • Results in a cleaner safer pool environment

Green Pools or Cloudy Pools:

Green pools could mean lack of chlorination and/or lack of circulation. Green pools can happen because a variety of reasons. Contact us and we can help you get it blue.

Cloudy pools could be the start of an algae problem. Contact us to clean it up before the problem gets out of hand. Cloudiness could also be caused from a number of other things. Low filtration times, dirty or broken filter, water chemistry out of balance, and many more. Let us know what’s happening and we can help.

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