6 Exercises That You Can Do In Your Pool

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Are you tired of your usual exercise routine? Are you looking for ways to get in shape without needing to leave your home? It can be difficult to make a commitment to a gym, and working out in public may leave you feeling uncomfortable. Imagine having a refreshing workout space right in your backyard — no gym membership required. That’s right, it’s your swimming pool! Your pool is not just for fun and relaxation — it can also be an excellent way for you to get a comprehensive, low-impact workout. In this blog post, we explore a variety of pool exercises that can help improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility — all while cooling off from the summer heat.

1. Water Jogging

A woman in swimwear running while underwater.

A simple, yet effective, workout, water jogging is precisely what it sounds like: jogging in the water. Begin in the shallow end of the pool, where your feet can touch the bottom. Jog towards the deeper end, pumping your arms and lifting your knees high. The water resistance makes this activity much more challenging, providing a solid cardiovascular workout that targets your core, glutes, and legs.

2. Flutter Kicking

A woman seen from the back holds on to the edge of a pool while kicking her legs in the water.

To do this pool exercise, hold onto the pool edge or a floating kickboard, extend your legs straight behind, and kick as if you are swimming. The trick is to keep your kicks small and fast. This exercise works wonders on your lower body, particularly your quads and glutes.

3. Treading Water

An older woman smiles while she treads water in a pool.

Treading water is a fantastic full-body exercise. Try to tread water for one to two minutes at a time, then rest for thirty seconds. Repeat this sequence five to 10 times for an impressive cardiovascular and muscular endurance workout.

4. Aqua Bicycle

A male instructor leading a group of 2 women and 1 man in an underwater cycling workout.

While there are machines for submerged cycling workouts, we can show you how to achieve a similar result using only your pool. For this exercise, lean with your back against the side of the pool, arms outstretched for support. Lift both feet off the bottom and make pedaling motions as though you’re riding a bicycle. The water provides resistance, making this a great lower-body workout that also engages your core. Aim to pedal for one to two minutes at a time, or longer if you’re comfortable, and feel your muscles working against the current you create!

5. Water Wall Push-offs

4 seniors holding on to the edge of a large pool and smiling.

For this pool exercise, start by facing the pool’s wall with your feet firmly on the bottom of the pool. Place your hands on the edge of the pool, shoulder-width apart. Push off the wall as if you were pushing yourself up from the floor, but instead, let the buoyancy of the water help you drift back until your arms are fully extended. Then, use your arm and chest muscles to pull your body back toward the wall. This exercise effectively targets your arms, chest, and shoulders, offering a modified, aquatic version of the classic push-up.

6. Aquatic Jumping Jacks

A group of women exercising in a pool with their arms outstretched.

Jumping jacks in the water provide less impact on your joints due to the water’s buoyancy, making them ideal for people with arthritis or joint issues. In waist or chest-deep water, perform jumping jacks as you would on land. This exercise is excellent for getting your heart rate up and working your entire body.

These pool exercises are an excellent way to use your pool beyond the typical swim. Not only do they provide a fun way to keep fit, but they also help to beat the summer heat. As with all forms of exercise, remember to warm up before starting your workout, hydrate regularly, and listen to your body to prevent overexertion.

Who knew your pool could be your passport to fitness? Put on that swimwear, dive in, and make the most out of your aquatic exercise routine. Be sure to visit us at Cannonball Pools for supplies to keep your pool fresh and clean while you work out! Happy swimming and exercising!

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