How To Close Your Pool To Avoid Winter Damage

 In Pool Closing in Ontario

Have you been wondering if you completed all of the right steps to close your pool at the end of the season? Winter in Ontario brings the kind of cold that can cause significant damage to your inground pool if it’s not properly prepared. Keep reading to see how to effectively protect your pool and ensure its longevity with these simple steps.

Complete the following 48 hours before closing your pool:

A photo of a plastic water bottle with a red cap on patio stones next to a swimming pool.

Follow this quick pool closing checklist:

  1. Bring a one-litre water sample to Cannonball Pools.
  2. Balance the water for winter conditions. Water can become very corrosive when cold. Increase the pH level to 7.6 – 7.8 for closing.
  3. Clean your filter media with Dazzle™ Rapid Action Filter Cleanse, following label directions.
  4. After cleaning your filter, deep cleanse water with Dazzle™ Prep Cleanse. Shake well and add product through the skimmer (one bottle treats 80,000 litres).
  5. Prevent stains and scale formation with Dazzle™ Stain & Scale Cleanse. Apply directly to the pool, pouring around the edges. Brush immediately after application. Wait at least one hour before moving to the next step (one bottle treats 80,000 litres).
  6. Remove organic wastes with Dazzle™ Amaze Plus (one pouch per 40,000 litres) or Ultra Shock. Apply slowly and sparingly, directly to the pool, brushing immediately after application. Wait one hour before moving to the next step.
  7. Prevent algae with Dazzle™ Algae Resist 50 (60 ml per 10,000 litres) or Algae Clear 60 (100 ml per 10,000 litres).
  8. Brush immediately after application to ensure it has mixed properly.

Click here to see the rest of this comprehensive checklist.

How To Complete The Pool Closing Process

A photo of a blue hose resting on the edge of a residential curb, with water pouring out onto the street.

As your preparation concludes, ensure that you have a balanced water chemistry in order to prevent undesirable algae and scale accumulation. Adjust the pool’s water level to a lower mark to avoid potential freezing damage. Remember to clean and remove all water from your equipment and securely store all your pool accessories.

TIP: Do you know that, in order to protect the environment and the waterways of your region, there are mandatory requirements on how to discharge water from pools, hot tubs, and spas? Make sure to check your local regulations, or ask us for more information.

Prevent Your Pool from Freezing

A photo of a Dazzel Pool Antifreeze bottle on a white background.

Moving forward, it is essential to protect your pool from potential freezing and structural damage. Ensure all plumbing lines are thoroughly blown out and sealed, preventing water from freezing within, which could lead to costly damage. Apply high-quality pool antifreeze for added protection and confirm that your pool cover is robust and securely fastened to withstand the harsh winter elements.

Life gets busy in the fall, and the pool closing process can be time-consuming. Our expert team handles all aspects of the process. Contact us for help with your pool closing, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pool is safe throughout the winter.

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