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Marco Polo

Two young girls splashing on floaties

This game is like a game of tag in the water. One person is Marco and they close their eyes for 10 seconds while the other players “hide” away from Marco in other parts of the pool. Once Marco is finished counting to 10, they will say “Marco”. The other players will respond “Polo” so that Marco can hear them. Marco will have to use their ears to try and find the rest of the players. Once Marco tags another player, they become the new Marco, and the game is repeated.

Make a Whirlpool

Man and boy splashing in a pool

This is a fun game with a group of people, and best played in shallow water. Everyone moves around the circle in the same direction to get the water to start to swirl. The faster people move, the faster the current will move. Once the current begins to form, you can pick up your feet and let the water carry you around the circle. Want a challenge? Try moving in the opposite direction against the current and get it to turn in the other direction!

Mr. Shark

Kid splashing in pool

The person who is selected as the “shark” moves into the centre of the pool facing backwards, away from the other players, with all other players in a line at the shallow end of the pool. Players take turns asking “What time is it, Mr. Shark?” The shark will respond with a time, and all of the players must take that many steps towards the shark. When Mr. Shark responds “Dinner Time”, he will turn around and try to tag as many players as possible while they try to get to the other end of the pool as quickly as possible.

Freeze Tag

Kids swimming underwater with goggles on

This game is best played in a shallow area of a pool where every player can stand with their head above the water. The player who is chosen to be “it” tries to tag the other players. Once a player is tagged, they must stand frozen like a popsicle (with hands in the air), with their legs standing apart. The other players must work together to thaw them by swimming through their legs, without getting tagged.

Floatie Race

Kids jumping into pool

Each player gets on their floatie and lines up at the end of the pool. When the selected referee yells “Go!”, players must race to the other end of the pool. Any player who falls off of their floatie is disqualified, and the first player to reach the other end wins.

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