5 Ways To Make Your Pool More Efficient 

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An efficiently running pool is helpful for many reasons. It will help keep your equipment and pool in great condition, save you money, conserve energy and water, and ensure you can spend more time enjoying your pool!

Keep reading for our 5 ways to achieve a more efficient pool.

1. Give Your Filtration System Some TLC

Don’t neglect your filtration system! Think of your filter as the “kidney” of your pool.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your filtration system is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your pool clean and running efficiently.

At Cannonball Pools, one of our favourite filter systems is the Starite Crystal Flow by Pentair. This filter is designed to accommodate both small and larger-sized pools and uses a built-in sand filter to catch debris in the water.

Sand filters are a great choice because, when maintained, they are very long-lasting. The sand inside the filter can be chemically cleaned or eventually replaced every 3-5 years or so, depending on usage. These types of filters are also known for being easy to work with.

Cartridge filters are also a popular choice that will help keep your pool in great working order. They last roughly 5 years and require chemical cleaning once a year.

2. Upgrade Your Sand Filter

After 35 years of research and development by Dryden Aqua, sand filters can be retrofitted with brown and green glass that will take filtration and sterilization to a whole new level. This filtration system filters 95% of particles and results in lower operating costs, fewer chemicals, and water loss.

3. Use A Solar Blanket

Photo of pool with a solar blanket to retain heat

A solar blanket is great for attracting and trapping heat in your pool, and it helps to keep dirt and debris out.

We recommend using a solar blanket of at least 5 mm or more, or a liquid solar blanket like Coverfree by Natural Chemistry.

A liquid solar blanket is also an option that works by forming an invisible liquid layer on the water’s surface and helps to prevent heat loss and water evaporation.

4. Ensure Your Water Is Balanced

close up of a test tube taking a pool water sample

It’s all about chemistry! When your pool water is well-balanced, it will be crystal clear and healthier for your skin and hair. When you regularly test and balance your water, your chances of it turning green, growing algae, or needing it to be emptied are almost zero.

Pro Tip: Collect a water sample from your pool and bring it to us and we will test it for you, free of charge. If needed, we will recommend which specific chemicals will work best to balance your pool and keep it clean.

5. Use A Good Variable Speed Pump

close up of a pool jet blowing air

A good variable speed pump like Starite Superflo VS will help to keep your pool water in continuous circulation so that it does not become stagnant or dirty.

A variable speed pump will decrease speed during the daytime, as an energy efficiency measure, to help conserve energy and save you money on your hydro bill.

All of the products and equipment mentioned in this blog are available to order through Cannonball Pools in Milton. If you’d like some more information about pool efficiency or water testing, feel free to contact us here. 

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