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It’s the time of year when everyone is eager to get their pool open, their bathing suits on, and pull off their first cannonball of the summer.  

May is not only the month when many Canadians open their pool, but it’s also National Water Safety Month and this makes it a great time to go over some simple, but important, water safety tips.


Never swim alone

No matter how well you swim, swimming alone could potentially be dangerous. A slip on the pool deck or a medical episode could be fatal if no one is around to offer assistance.  It is always better to have a swimming buddy for any potential mishaps in and around the pool.

Never leave children unattended

Accidents can happen quickly and without warning, which is why constant adult supervision when children are in or around the pool is necessary. Floatation devices like water wings and pool noodles are not life-saving devices and will not keep children safe as an adult supervisor can.

Know everyone’s swimming capabilities

Knowing everyone’s capabilities in the water — regardless if they’re children or adults — is a great way to keep mishaps from occurring.

Most communities offer swimming lessons for all age groups and capabilities, so make sure to check your municipality’s website for resources.

Mind the alcohol consumption

We’ll keep this short and sweet: Please always drink responsibly.

Watch your pets

Some pets are quite curious around the water, but it’s possible that they are not the best swimmers once they’re in the water.  Pets can’t use a ladder, and in a panic, they probably won’t know how to get to the stairs, if your pool has stairs. There is also the potential risk of liner damage if your pet decides to hop in the pool and then claw its way out.  

Our recommendation is to try to block your pool from any pets unless you’re certain they are capable swimmers and familiar with how to get in an out of your pool.  

Water chemistry

Water chemistry safety is something you need to be aware of.  Proper sanitization and water balancing makes for clean water and a safe, comfortable swimming environment.  

Visit Cannonball Pools for your free water analysis and we will be happy to show you what is required to keep your pool clean and safe this summer.

Let us help you stay safe this summer

Cannonball Pools is happy to offer many products to help you enjoy a safe and fun-filled swimming season.

Here are some items that Cannonball Pools offers to help keep your pool safe:

  • Pool Safety Fencing (including installation)
  • Certified Life Rings
  • Throwable Life Lines and Buoyancy Aids
  • Life hooks and poles
  • Safety Signs
  • Free water Testing
  • Water wings and other floating trainers

Come on in and ask us how we can help you make your swimming pool a safer environment.

As the owner of a pool, you are the best line of defence against pool-related mishaps. Remember to be aware and attentive to swimmers, let your guests know your safety rules, acknowledge and address potential dangers in and around the pool, and of course, have fun and enjoy your pool this summer!

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