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It is, hands down, the best time of year to make use of your hot tub – the cool nights make it hard to resist a good soak! To keep up with the extra usage at this time of year, regular maintenance is essential.

Here are a few tips and care recommendations to ensure that you get full enjoyment out of your spa and hot tub, without any unexpected maintenance delays.

Water Chemistry Care

A pool pH reader being measured

It’s important to stick to a regular water treatment routine for your hot tub. We recommend treating the water on the same day every week. Hot tubs and spas are small bodies of hot water and this means that the chemistry can fluctuate quite easily – which is why we highly recommend regular testing. Regular treatment of the water will help to keep it fresh and ensure that you’re staying comfortable.

Cannonball Pools offers free water testing for hot tubs and spas throughout the year. Simply take a clean bottle, fill it with a ½ litre of water and bring it to us. After examining and testing your water, we’ll advise you how to best treat your water.

In addition to regular at-home testing, we recommend that you bring in a water sample for Cannonball to test every 2 to 3 weeks, or sooner if you notice something is off with your hot tub’s water.

Hot Tub Water Filters

Two hot tub filters sitting on the side of a hot tub

Hot tub filters are designed to filter waste and debris. Lotions and makeup will come off of your skin in hot water (yuck!) and will be removed by your filter. However, filters can only contain so much, which is why it is important to clean them on a regular basis. If you notice a slight cloudiness, a ring on the walls at the top of the water, or foaming in your hot tub, this is a telltale sign that it’s time to clean your filters.

Cleaning your filters is quite simple. We recommend soaking them in Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse and giving them a good rinse. Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse is designed to break down oils, lotions, and other substances that may be affecting your water quality.

Keep in mind that, if many people are using your hot tub, you may have to clean the filters more frequently.

Spa Maintenance Kits

Mineraluxe Hot Tub Kit

Dazzle Mineraluxe is a spa kit that will last 3 months and help to maintain your spa or hot tub, while making it less of a ‘chemical soup’ (yay!). It is more natural than most hot tub and spa chemicals and reduces the frequency that you need to maintain your hot tub.

How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Winter Long

Person sitting in a hot tub facing outwards

Consider your hydro bill. You may think that keeping your spa temperature low most of the time and bringing it up when you want to use your hot tub is the way to go, but this is not recommended. It actually costs more to bring the temperature up when you are using it, rather than simply maintaining a set temperature.

Wear a hat. We recommend tucking long hair up into a hat. This will keep residue from hair products out of the water and it will also prevent hair from clogging your filter. Bonus: It will also stop your body heat from escaping through the top of your head.

Keep a good supply of Dazzle Spa chemicals on hand. No one wants to run out and get spa chemicals just when they were hoping to spend time relaxing in their hot tub! Keep a range of chemicals at home, so you always have what you need.

Slippers, sandals, and footwear. It’s a good idea to keep extra pairs of sandals or slippers ready for visitors. Also, try to keep a nice path shovelled out to your hot tub to make it easy to get to — you won’t regret it!

Stay hydrated. You may not notice this while enjoying your hot tub, but sitting in a tub for a while can cause dehydration.

We hope that these tips help you to spend more time enjoying your hot tub or spa, and less time figuring out how to properly maintain it! For hot tub water testing and all your other hot tub maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Cannonball Pools in Milton.

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