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It’s a great time of year to really start enjoying the use of your hot tub. The cool nights with the potential of light snow makes it the perfect time of year to enjoy a good soak! To keep up the use and enjoyment of the tub, regular maintenance is essential for the comfort of use as well as preservation of the tub itself.

Here are a few tips and care recommendations to ensure you get full enjoyment out of your hot tub:

Water Chemistry Care

It’s important to stick to a regular routine with treating the water in the hot tub. Try to treat the water on the same day once a week. Regular treatment of the water will help keep it fresh and ensure you’re staying comfortable.

Cannonball Pools offers free water testing for hot tubs and spas through the entire year.  Simply bring in a ½ litre of water in a clean water bottle and we can let you know how the chemistry of the water is holding up. Hot tubs and spas are small bodies of water and hot water, so the chemistry can actually fluctuate quite easily.

Try to test the water regularly at home. Bring in a test for Cannonball to test every 2 to 3 weeks, unless you notice something is off on your end, in which case, feel free to bring a test in more often.


Hot tubs filters are there to filter waste and debris out of your water. Lotions, make up, and other items that may be pulled off your skin in hot water are going directly to your filter. The filter can only hold so much, so it is important to clean them on a regular basis. A slight cloudiness or foaming is usually a telltale sign that the filters need to be cleaned, but try to clean them prior to any cloudiness or foaming.

Cleaning your filters is as easy as soaking them in Dazzle Rapid Action Filter Cleanse and giving them a good rinse. Just rinsing the filters is not normally enough, and we recommend a good filter cleaning solution like Dazzle’s Rapid Action Filter Cleanse to break down the oils and lotions. If many people use the hot tub, you may have to clean the filters a little more frequently.

How To Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Winter Long

Think about your hydro bill. You may think that bringing the temperature of the spa up and down depending on usage is the way to go, but this is not true. It actually costs more to constantly bring the temperature up when you are using it rather than maintaining your set temperature.

Wear a hat. For people with long hair, tuck up your hair in the hat. This will keep any shampoo and other product residue from getting into the tub water and keep hair from clogging the filter.  It will also keep heat from escaping through the top of your head.

Keep a good supply of Dazzle Spa chemicals. No one wants to run out and get spa chemicals when the weather is perfect for just sitting in the hot tub and relaxing. Keep a range of chemicals handy so you have what you need.

Slippers, sandals, and footwear.  Keep some extra pairs of sandals or slippers ready for any potential hot tub users. The cold ground or snow can discourage use if you have to make the quick trek to the hot tub. Speaking of snow…try to keep a nice path shoveled out to make it easy to get to.

Stay hydrated. You may not notice while using the hot tub, but sitting in a tub for a while can cause dehydration. Keep up with your liquids. An alcoholic drink or two may be nice for a relaxing soak in the hot tub, but be aware the effects of alcohol while in hot water may sneak up on you.  

For hot tub water testing and all your other hot tub maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Cannonball Pools in Milton.

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