Winter Pool Closing Checklist

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If you’re a pool owner, you’re likely aware of the maintenance required to keep your pool in great shape all year round. One of the most important aspects of owning a pool is to make sure it’s closed properly for the winter so it will be ready to use again in the spring.

Before you close up your pool for the winter, be sure to follow this checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything!

At Least 48 Hours Before Closing Your Pool:

  • Bring a one-litre water sample to Cannonball Pools.
  • Balance the water for winter conditions. Water can become very corrosive when cold. Increase the pH level to 7.6 – 7.8 for closing.
  • Clean your filter media with Dazzle™ Rapid Action Filter Cleanse, following label directions.
  • After cleaning your filter, deep cleanse water with Dazzle™ Prep Cleanse. Shake well and add product through the skimmer (One bottle treats 80,000 litres).
  • Prevent stains and scale formation with Dazzle™ Stain & Scale Cleanse. Apply directly to the pool, pouring around the edges. Brush immediately after application. Wait at least one hour before moving to the next step (One bottle treats 80,000 litres).
  • Remove organic wastes with Dazzle™ Amaze Plus (one pouch per 40,000 litres) or Ultra Shock. Apply slowly and sparingly, directly to the pool, brushing immediately after application. Wait one hour before moving to the next step.
  • Prevent algae with Dazzle™ Algae Resist 50 (60 ml per 10,000 litres) or Algae Clear 60 (100 ml per 10,000 litres).
  • Brush immediately after application to ensure it has mixed properly.

Prepare the Equipment and the Pool:

  • Clean out the skimmer basket and the pump’s hair and lint trap.
  • Deep cleanse your filter with Dazzle™ Rapid Action Filter Cleanse.
  • Remove any leaves using a leaf net. Brush the pool walls thoroughly.
  • Lower the water level by vacuuming to drain/waste.
    • In-ground pool: one inch below lowest return jet – allowing all water to drain.
    • Above-ground pool: 18 inches below mouth of skimmer.

NOTE: When the water level falls below the skimmer mouth while vacuuming, a garden hose in the skimmer will help you maintain adequate suction and not lose prime in your pump.

  • Remove drain plugs from pump, filter, heater, chlorinator and any other equipment. Allow all of the water to drain. Once all of the water has drained, apply a silicone lubricant to drain plugs and reinstall the drain plugs (do not use lubricants on chlorinator drain plugs).
  • Ensure water has drained from pool return piping and plug.
    • If necessary, blow out the water from your piping using an air blower (shop vac).
  • Remove and store the skimmer basket, eyeball returns and lock rings, ladder(s), diving board, underwater lights, auto cleaners, etc.
  • Clean the bathtub ring around the pool and the skimmer with Dazzle™ Pool & Patio Cleanse.
    • Filter: Remove and store pressure gauge(s) and site glass and place filter dial valve in the winterize position. The drain plug may be left out to ensure proper draining.
    • Heater: Check with your Dazzle™ Retailer for specific instructions on how to winterize your heater.
    • Pump: Pour Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze into the pump and housing. Lubricate the lid ‘o’-ring with a silicone lubricant and re-install lid but do not tighten.
    • Automatic Chlorinators/Brominators: Remove any remaining sanitizer and flush with water. Do not use antifreeze in automatic chlorinators/ brominators.
  • Suction Line and Skimmer: Add approximately two liters of Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze down your suction line and feed approximately two feet of foam rope down the suction line as well. Use a “gizzmo” to plug this line and absorb any expansion in the skimmer. If your pool has a functioning main drain line, put about three feet of foam rope down the main drain line (located in the skimmer). Plug it off with a rubber expandable plug or a threaded plug wrapped in Teflon tape. Use a shop vac to suck all the remaining water out of the skimmer and suction line. Add additional Dazzle™ Premium Antifreeze to the skimmer for extra protection.
  • Clean, protect and preserve solar blanket with Dazzle™ Cover Cleanse.
  • Secure the winter cover: For solid winter covers, add two inches of water to the top of the cover to hold it in place from high winds.
  • Place water bags around the cover: Place water bags through loops. Fill to approximately 50%, do not overfill.
  • Water bags should ideally be touching end to end.

NOTE: Each pool is unique, for more comprehensive winterizing instructions, consult your Dazzle™Retailer.

We’re happy to help with all of your pool closing needs! Contact Cannonball Pools today to book your pool closing.

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