Situations Where You May Need Help with Pool Maintenance

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At Cannonball Pools, we’re proud to help homeowners with all of their pool maintenance needs. While some homeowners do their pool maintenance by themselves, having professional help can extend the life of your pool. If you own a pool, here’s why you might need help from us!

Water Chemistry and Water Cleanliness

Getting your pool chemicals just right can make a new pool owner feel overwhelmed. There is going to be plenty of trial and error as you try to get the sanitizer levels and balancing to their optimal levels. Cannonball Pools is happy to help with the balancing of your pool to ensure a clean and algae free swimming experience. We offer free water testing at the store. All you have to do is bring in a water sample and we will print out a step-by-step list for your specific pool to get the balancing in order. If the pool has gotten away from you and you see algae growing, feel free to call Cannonball and we can help you by talking you through what needs to be done, or setting up a service call to come out and work on fixing the problem ourselves.

Leaking Equipment and Water Loss

There are many ways a pool can lose water. Evaporation and splash-out when enjoying the pool are going to happen. It is the other leaks that may require a service call. Water around the pool equipment is signs of a small leak, and small leaks can lead to big problems over time:

  • A small leak around your pump could lead to the pump motor burning out
  • A small leak around the pool heater could lead to lines collapsing

There are many other things small leaks could lead to. It is important to address these to save on long term damage.  

Other water loss, if it is not visible, is more difficult to locate. You may not be able to see leaking lines underground, but you will see water loss in the pool. Cannonball Pools is happy to help locate these leaks and determine what needs to be done to fix them. A good way to locate where a leak may be is to fill the pool up to the proper level and mark where the water level is. Run the pump for 12 hours and mark how much it goes down. Then turn the pump off for another 12 hours and mark how much it goes down. Call Cannonball with those measurements and it will lead us in the right direction in helping locate where possible water loss may be.

Pool Openings and Closings

To ensure your pool is going to continue to be in good working order, Cannonball Pools offers professional pool opening and closing services. If your pool isn’t closed properly for the harsh winter, there are many things that can go wrong. Water left in the lines underground could freeze and crack, leading to expensive repairs in the spring. Equipment that is not winterized properly could also lead to costly repairs or replacement. Give Cannonball Pools a call and we would be happy to ensure your pool is closed properly for the winter.

Learn more about our pool services, and find out how we can help with all of your pool maintenance needs!

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Winter pool closing tips from Cannonball Pools in Milton