Getting Your Pool Ready for the Winter Season

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Summer fun has come and gone and it is now time to prepare for the winter ahead.  If you have not closed your pool yet, we’re sure it is something that you plan to do soon.  The temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves.

Here are some important tips to get your pool ready for the upcoming winter.

  1. If your pool is still going to be open during temperatures that are dropping below freezing, it is important to keep the pool pump running. Moving water won’t freeze. Keep the pump going until you are able to get to the pool closed or until Cannonball Pools can close it for you. It is easy to ignore your pool this time of year but don’t fall into this trap.
  1. There are leaves blowing and your pool will still require cleaning. If your skimmer basket gets full, you risk burning out your pump due to lack of flow, or breaking your skimmer basket because of suction. Check your skimmer basket regularly to be sure it is empty of debris and try to keep the pool as clean as possible.
  2. Closing a dirty pool will only increase the chance of algae in the spring, which will be more costly for you to clean in the spring.
  3. Be sure to test the water at Cannonball Pools prior to closing. Water chemistry can change over the winter. Testing for proper pool winterizing chemistry will help protect the pool surface regardless if it is vinyl, fiberglass or concrete. Proper water balancing will also help keep an algae free pool for the spring.
  4. When you have balanced the water for the closing it is important to get the proper winterizing pool chemicals in the pool. Dazzle Pool chemicals  has a closing kit that will suit your pool needs. There is closing chemicals specific to salt pools, traditional chlorine or bromine pools, and for above ground pools. It is important when getting your winter chemicals you are picking up what is right for your pool.
  5. Once the pool is cleaned, balanced, and the winter pool closing chemicals have been applied, you can proceed with the winterization of the pool. Feel free to call Cannonball Pools for any help on the winterizing of the pool and we will be happy to help.

Spa Maintenance

Once your swimming pool is closed, it is nice to sit and relax in your spa or hot tub. The month of November or early December is a great time of year to drain your spa and fill with fresh water. That way, you shouldn’t have to do so mid-winter when the weather makes it less manageable.

Feel free to bring in your free water test for your spa or hot tub to Cannonball Pools and we’ll be happy to assist you in getting the water ready for your relaxing time enjoying the hot water on the nice, calm, snowy nights to come!


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