What Is A Good pH For My Pool?

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There’s nothing worse than heading out to your pool for a dip on a hot day, only to notice that something seems off. Before you jump in, you will definitely want to ensure that your pH is at a healthy number.

What is pH?

pH is used to measure the balance of acidity and alkalinity in your pool water. If your pool water is out of balance, you may notice some unwanted effects like discolouration, algae growth, and skin irritation, to name a few. If you’re wondering what a good pH is for your pool, read on for more information.

How do you know if your water pH is off?

Some of the most common indicators that suggest your pool water is out of balance include:

  • Cloudy or discoloured water
  • Signs of algae
  • Slimy water
  • Calcium ring around the edges
  • Your eyes hurt after swimming
  • Your chlorine is being used up more quickly than usual
  • If you have just completed a fresh fill, your pH will also likely be off

You should be testing your pool water 2-3 times a week, or anytime you notice any of the above symptoms in order to protect your equipment, prevent infection, and skin and eye irritation.

What are the consequences of a high or low pH?

There are a few things that can happen when your pool’s pH is out of whack.

  • If the pH is too low, the water can become acidic and cause your pump to corrode, as well as your liner, or tiles. This will also affect your swim suits, hurt your eyes, and dry out your skin and hair.
  • If the pH in your pool is too high, you will go through chlorine much more quickly and have many of the same issues you would with a low pH.
  • If your pool’s pH is off, germs are more likely to spread — which can cause illness or an infection.

What you should do

If you suspect that the pH of your pool is off, give us a call for help, or take a water sample from your pool and bring it to us in-store for proper testing.

How Cannonball Pools can help

Feel free to give us a phone call anytime you need help with your pool. We offer free water testing in-store and are happy to help you keep your pool at the proper pH with the right chemicals tailored for you.

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