5 Reasons Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise

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There’s nothing better than clearing your mind with a good swim. Whether you swim to stay active, encourage recovery from an injury, or simply because you love to be in the water, here are 5 reasons why swimming is the best exercise.

1. It’s Low Impact

Swimming is a great activity for people of all abilities and ages. It’s low impact, which means it has little to no negative effect on your joints, like running or other aerobic activity can. Despite swimming’s low impact, you still experience many of the same benefits as more intense workouts including improved cardiovascular function, flexibility, and mood, to name a few.

2. Helps Build Endurance

Just like running, playing sports, or other high-impact activities, swimming also builds endurance. If you’re beginning to notice that you’re out of breath when climbing the stairs, swimming could be the perfect activity to help you increase your endurance without straining your body.

3. Improves Sleep, Mood, and Reduces Stress

Swimming is great for releasing endorphins, just like a runner’s high. Due to the rhythmic nature of swimming, and your body’s weightlessness while in the water, it’s considered to be on par with yoga for one of the most relaxing, de-stressing, and mood-improving exercises you can do.

4. Helps You Recover From Injury

Swimming is like a great stretching session for your entire body, and it also helps to reduce strain from sore areas of your body. This is what makes swimming a great way to stay active while recovering from an injury, or even a stroke. Many rehabilitators work with stroke patients and injured athletes in pools so they can focus on a gentle recovery.

5. You Don’t Have To Go To The Gym

Whether you live near a lake or you’ve got a pool of your own, you can avoid the gym altogether (let’s be honest, this is a HUGE victory). If you really enjoy swimming and want to make it a life-long commitment, installing a pool in your backyard may be the perfect solution!

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