Pool Essentials Every Pool Owner Should Have

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Every pool is different in many ways. Differences can range from location, whether they are in ground versus on ground or aboveground, the size of the pool, water chemistry, and so on.  

There are a few items that can make pool ownership a little easier to maintain as well as keeping it a clean and fun investment.

Water Test Kit

Keeping water chemistry properly balanced is very important for your pool. Having a test kit on hand will help with ensuring clean and safe water. There are many types and levels of test kits. Start off with your basic residential pool test kit and, when you see that the levels are off, come into Cannonball Pools for your free water testing analysis and we will give you a print out of what exactly needs to be done.

Pool Shock

It is important to keep some pool shock around so you are not caught off guard. After big pool parties, major storms, or other occurrences, your pool may need an extra quick shock to clean it up. There are different types of shock available, including Pristiva Salt Pool Shock or Amaze Plus, so be sure to talk to Cannonball to ensure you have the right shock on hand.

Leaf Nets

There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a wind storm. You need something to scoop out leaves so you are not constantly keeping an eye on your skimmer basket. A good quality leaf skimmer net is easy to use and will help get out that bothersome debris quickly — right before that planned pool party.

Wall Brushes

A good durable and flexible wall brush will help bring dirt, debris, and leaves to a smaller area before a vacuuming. This will save you time and water when you are ready to do a good vacuuming of the pool. Also, if an algae situation does occur, we always recommend brushing the algae down in order for it to die off more quickly, to make it easier to vacuum out.

Robotic Pool Vacuum

This may not seem like an essential item, but once you get one you will feel like it is. Robotic cleaners will clean your pool quickly and easily, all while doing the vacuuming for you. They can be programmed to operate as long you want and trap everything with the vacuum itself, rather than going through your filtration system. Cannonball Pools currently has the Pentair Prowler 920 on sale until the end of July. This is a new model and extremely easy to use.

Kick Back & Relax!

Finally, the most essential item for any pool owner is a floating lounge chair, so you can relax and enjoy your nice clean pool for the summer. There are many different types and sizes, so come on in and have a look at our diverse line of loungers and toys.

At Cannonball Pools, we have everything you need and more to keep your pool clean and safe this summer! Visit our location in Milton today.

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