Common Pool Problems And How We Solve Them

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Many problems can arise for a swimming pool owner. The key to reducing any pool related issues is maintenance. As the summer pushes on and the use of the pool over takes the maintenance of the pool, certain situations can arise. Here are some common pool problems and some possible solutions for these problems.


Algae is a plant that can grow quickly in certain conditions, and it is probably the most common pool water issue that can happen over the summer. Algae creates green, cloudy water. The beginning stages of algae may not be completely visible but can make the pool surface slippery.  It can also slow down flow of the pool as it clogs the filters.

Reasons for algae can vary, however the most common cause is the lack of chlorine. Improper water balance can eat up the chlorine more quickly, or you may not be putting enough chlorine into the pool during situations that require higher chlorine.

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Another possible reason for algae is a high level of phosphates. Phosphates are a food for plants, and If the algae has food, it will grow. There are phosphates in items like fertilizers, dirt, dust, rain, soap and some cleaning products, just to name a few.

Preventing Algae

Use adequate chlorine levels. Chlorine levels fall when the temperature rises. In Ontario, we tend to see heat waves, so be sure to increase your chlorine levels accordingly. Also, be sure you are using the proper amount for the size of the pool. Chlorine pucks or the level of chlorine output from salt generators should be adjusted depending on weather conditions and the size of the pool.

As for phosphates, they will inevitably get into the pool, but you need to keep up with proper water testing to see if your phosphate levels are increasing. If they are, there are many good products like Dazzle Phos Cleanse Plus that will help you remove the phosphates, as well as Ultra Cleanse as a weekly dosage to keep the phosphates low.

Burning Red Eyes

Another common problem with the pool water is red burning eyes, and the main reason for this is high pH level. High pH can be caused by high alkalinity from your source water of high pH in different pool chemicals used.

Another common reason, especially for kids, could be spending hours on end in the pool. That reason is completely fine!

Solution For Burning Eyes

Have your water tested frequently. It is easy to keep up with water chemistry if you stick to a regular maintenance routine. You will want to try to keep your pools pH around 7.4 to 7.6.

Poor Pool Circulation And Flow

The flow of the pool has a lot to do with the cleanliness of the pool and how certain equipment is functioning, like your pool heater and salt generator. Pool circulation can slow down, causing less filtration, your heater not wanting to turn on, or your salt generator not producing the proper amount of sanitizer. Low flow can also make it difficult to vacuum.  

Low flow is most commonly caused by poor filtration with your cartridge filter or sand filter.  Usually, this means the either your sand filter or cartridge filter is clogging up. Low flow can also be caused by a leak in the suction side of the pool’s plumbing.

Solution for Poor Flow And Circulation

The first thing that you should check is the filters. If you have a cartridge filter, they need to be taken out and cleaned. Dazzle makes a good filter cleaning solution called Rapid Action Filter Cleanse. Soak the filters in the solution, then rinse them well.

If you have a sand filter, this requires a backwash of at least four to five minutes. This will ensure you are getting the entire filter and not just the sand at the top of the filter. Remember to always rinse the filter after backwashing for about 30 seconds or so, so you don’t get a puff of sediment back to the pool.

If you feel the poor circulation is likely from the plumbing suction, then a pressure test may be required, which Cannonball Pools would be happy to help you with.

Water Loss

Water loss is difficult to determine as there is many different factors that could add to the loss of the pool water. Water loss could be due to a tear in the liner, a leak in the plumbing, or simply evaporation.

How To Find Water Loss

A good first test for determining where you are losing water is the bucket test. Fill up a pail and put it by the pool. The pail will lose roughly the same amount as the pool if the cause is evaporation.

Next, try the 12 hour test. Run the pump for 12 hours and see how much water the pool loses. Shut the pump off and see how much the pool goes down. If the pool loses the same on and off, the source of water loss is usually in the body of the pool. If the pool loses more while the pump is running, the source of water loss may be from the plumbing of the pool. Once those tests are done, give Cannonball Pools a call and we would be happy to help you fix the issue.

These are just a few of the more common issues that can come up as a pool owner, but there are many things that can happen that the pool owner may not be aware of.

Feel free to call Cannonball Pools for any pool problems that may arise. Most importantly, enjoy the pool, have fun, and be safe!

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