Pool Games & Party Ideas: Splash Away the Summertime Blues

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The summer is rolling along and has been a great one so far for summer fun in the backyard, splashing away in the pool! The weather has been hot and sunny and couldn’t be better for a pool owner.

The summer isn’t over yet. Before that dreaded winter cover gets pulled over for the season, it’s time to splash away the summertime blues and have some pool fun.

Here are some great ideas for pool parties and games to keep you in the pool for the rest of the summer.


This is probably the most common pool party theme, but why not give it a go? It’s easy and cheap!

  • Hawaiian shirts are a necessity on the invite.
  • Pick up a few leis and you’re done.
  • Plan the food and drinks around pineapples, chicken, and ham.
  • Throw on some music with some good ukulele, and you have yourself a Luau.
  • Grass skirts are pretty easy to get at any party store, just in case you have that guest that did not come dressed for the part.

Poolside Movie Night.

Think of this as your own personal drive-in, but floating around in the comfort of your own backyard. You will need a few items to make this happen:

  • Bring a big screen tv outside or, even better, a projector displaying on a white sheet at the end of your pool makes for a great swim-up movie night.
  • Start out with a movie for the young ones like The Little Mermaid or Finding Dory.
  • You could go with a shark theme and go with Shark Tales for the kids and when they are done for the night ,bring out a good old movie like JAWS.
  • Have some good floating mattresses available and when watching JAWS…just be sure to keep your feet out of the pool!

White Party

Here is another easy party to organize. It’s easy to pull off and looks fancy for your guests!

  • Ask all your guests to come dressed in white.
  • Make sure all decorations you lay out are white.
  • You can set up white floating lights, which are available at Cannonball Pools, to really make it look the part.
  • Here’s a little tip: cheap paper plates are usually white!

Under The Sea

This pool party theme is both for the kids and adults!

  • You will want some decorations full of colours inspired by ocean creatures, such as fish, crabs, and turtles.
  • Keep up with the ocean theme by throwing out some shells and sand décor and you won’t have a problem.
  • Blue Jell-O, or blue Jell-O shots for the adults, go well with this theme.
  • You could even serve appetizers in some little beach buckets.
  • Have look at different items literally under the sea and there is a whole new world of things to add to this theme.
  • Don’t forget the mermaids!

These are just a few ideas to get the creative pool party ideas flowing! Just remember to have some fun, and if anything is needed to make your pool clean and ready for the pool party, feel free to contact Cannonball Pools.

Pool Game Ideas

As every pool owner knows, you don’t really need a list of pool games for the kids — or the kids at heart — because we all have a way of making a pool games out of anything. Here are a few ideas for games just to get the fun started.

  • Seaweed: Start with one player in the middle of the pool, all the other players line up against one end of the pool. The player in the middle calls “seaweed” and all the players try to swim to the other side without being tagged. Once a player is tagged, they hold hands and create a string of seaweed to catch the remaining players. The winner is the last person not caught in the “seaweed.”
  • Floating Corks: There may be a few bottle corks kicking around the house from the adults enjoying the pool party. Those corks can be for more than corking a bottle. You can write anything on them and use them for an assortment of search and swim games for the kids.
  • The Greasy Melon: This game requires one watermelon and is a lot of fun! Divide into two teams and have each team wait on one side of the pool. Grease of a watermelon with petroleum jelly and throw into the middle of the pool. The players will then swim out to get the melon and try to touch it to their side of the pool. Play until you are exhausted! The best part of this game is you get to eat a watermelon when it’s over.

There is so much you can do and play: diving in, splashing away and just having fun. For all of your pool toys, dive rings or game ideas, feel free to pop into Cannonball Pools for any of your pool toy needs!

Don’t forget the best game of all…Who can make the biggest CANNONBALL!

Remember, the key to any pool party or pool game is to just have fun and be safe. Keep an eye on the younger swimmers, protect yourself from the sun, and watch your alcohol consumption.

Pool Party Playlist

Here is a list of some good old summer songs to make for a good pool jams playlist:

  • Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
  • School’s Out – The Hit Crew
  • California Girls – The Beach Boys
  • Toes – Zac Brown Band
  • Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett
  • Jamming – Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • All Summer Long – Kid Rock
  • Summer – Calvin Harris
  • Call Me the Breeze – Lynyrd Skynyrd

The list for songs goes on and on, but this will be a good start to get any poolside fun happening.

The season is still here so enjoy as much as you can!


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