Swimming Pool Myths

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Maintaining a pool is not as hard as most people think. While owning a pool requires regular maintenance, once you are familiar with the operation and maintenance routine, your pool is not too hard to look after.

To make it easier for yourself, it’s important to understand a bit more of the pool and try not to follow the typical myths that are out there regarding swimming pools and their maintenance.

Below, we’ve busted a few common swimming pool myths:

Myth #1: Salt water pools don’t require maintenance

A lot of people have been convinced to convert to salt water by being told that salt water requires little-to-no maintenance. Salt water systems work by separating the sodium and chlorine molecules in the salt and it is the chlorine that is being produced. Chlorine is the sanitizer that is keeping the pool clean. Other chemicals are still required to keep the pool in balance. It is very important to maintain pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and stabilizer levels in the proper balance to protect your pool and help with corrosion from the additional salt in your pool.

A salt water pool still needs to be shocked on a regular basis to break down the waste in the pool. Regular maintenance is, in fact, very important in salt water pools.

Myth #2: You should backwash your sand filter often

Backwashing your sand filter often is not necessary. People tend to backwash too often and not long enough. However, you only need to backwash the sand filter when the PSI on the pressure gauge is 8-10 over your regular running pressure. Determine your running pressure after a good backwash. When you are backwashing, backwash for about four minutes. This will ensure you are backwashing the entire filter. If you spread out how often you backwash and backwash for a little longer, then you will be giving the filter a proper cleaning and you may even conserve water.

Myth #3: A strong chlorine smell means a clean pool with high chlorine

People tend to think that if the chlorine smell is strong it means the water is clean and chlorine is high. However, the strong smell is usually from the chlorine combining with the contaminants in the pool, which creates chloramines. The contaminants could be from perspiration, body oils, cosmetics and many other things that get into the pool. The strong smell of chlorine is usually from the chlorine in the pool working overtime to kill off contaminants that have gotten in the pool.

Myth #4: Pools are costly to maintain

With current technology, pools have become less and less costly to run. Variable speed pumps can reduce energy consumption up to 90%, depending on the pump. Another way you can keep pool costs down is with proper water chemistry. If you do regular water balancing on the pool, the pool is less likely to go green. It is cheaper to maintain a clean pool than it is to clean a dirty pool. Proper water chemistry is also important for the longevity of pool equipment and surfaces.  Cannonball Pools does free water testing and will be happy to help you maintain the chemistry of the pool to reduce any future costs.

There are many other myths out there regarding looking after your pool and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Feel free to come into Cannonball Pools and talk to any of our pool professionals with any of your questions or concerns regarding your pool.

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