Top Benefits of Switching to a Saltwater Pool

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People are familiar with the benefits of having a pool for health, well-being, and exercise, but did you know that you can enjoy even more benefits by switching to a saltwater pool?

Here are the top benefits of switching from a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool:

Saltwater Is Better for Your Skin

Chlorinated water actually helps to open your skin’s pores and will leach the oils from your skin, making your skin dry and itchy.

Saltwater helps the skin by gently exfoliating it. The minerals in the salt act as a natural moisturizer, and it even helps with skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Saltwater Is Easier To Maintain

If you add chlorine to your water, then you know that it requires frequent testing and monitoring to ensure that the pH balance is correct and your water is safe to swim in.

Saltwater acts as a sanitizer and there are no ups and downs with the levels. Your pool’s saltwater chlorine generator will naturally produce the required chlorine, making it much easier to manage.

Saltwater Helps To Relieve Sore Muscles

Similar to epsom salts, a saltwater pool will naturally contain bromine, which helps to reduce pain from sore muscles and joints. Chlorine does not offer this benefit.

Saltwater Is Better for the Environment

If you add chlorine to your pool, you are adding chemicals to the air. As the chlorine evaporates it releases chloramines into the air — that familiar, slightly acrid smell of chlorine. Saltwater pools also evaporate, but with much fewer chemicals being released into the air.

85% of our customers at Cannonball Pools use saltwater and enjoy the benefits of not using chlorine in their pools.

If you have a chlorine pool system and are interested in switching to a saltwater pool, we can help you make the switch. Give us a call and let’s improve your pool this season.

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